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Reduce Shipping Costs

Tips to save on shipping costs ...

By far the biggest cost of an order is the shipping. With fuel prices at an all time high, cargo deliveries are expensive, but here are a few tips to get the most from your order.

Shipping to USA and Canada is charged by weight, and starts at 1kg. This means an order placed for say 1 box of 40 PG Tips weighing 250 grams has the same shipping charge as an order totalling 1kg. Therefore you could add additional items to your order up to that 1kg total.

After the initial 1kg charges increase in increments of 1 kilo, so always look at the total weight of your order to be sure you get the best value.

For example an order of 2kg to USA or Canada has a shipping cost of 19.48. However this charge also applies to 2.1kg, 2.2kg, 2.3kg, 2.4kg, 2.5kg, 2.6kg, 2.7kg, 2.8kg, and 2.9kg. So the original order could be added to by 999 grams for the same shipping charge. Maybe an additional box or two of tea bags or a few boxes of oxo cubes (whatever you decide to make up the weight)

With Europe it is completely different as we have a flat rate (varies per European country) for a box or boxes weighing UP TO 30kg. You are paying for 30kg, so what is the point of ordering 4 or 5 kilos of goodies and wasting 25kg of FREE or if you prefer paid for space. What happens here if your order weighs 30.01kg?...... You will be charged for 60kg. So in summary here watch your basket weight carefully to get it as close to each 30kg band. Of course you may want to place a large order of say 55kg, that is perfectly fine but in this example do not waste that remaining 5kg of paid for space....

Do not assume that a product listed as perhaps 454grams actually weighs 454grams. That is the manufacturers product weight and not the actual weight. To explain let us take a jar of Picallili listed by the manufacturer as 454grams. It is packaged in a glass jar and the Picallili inside does actually weigh what they have stated. What is not included in the manufacturers weight is the glass jar which could weigh 200g, so the actual shipping weight would be 654g. However do not worry about calculating this as it is done automatically by our shipping software.

When adding to your order watch your shopping basket, and the estimated shipping cost. Adding items one at a time will allow you to see the item that pushes your order into the next charging band. You can then decide whether to remove the item before checking out or continuing to the next charge band.

We have seen a lot of customers clubbing together to make a joint order, of course this halves, quarters or even more the cost of shipping, for example 4 friends place a joint order, the shipping is say 20 so each person pays just 5 for their goods.

Finally, and this may sound like us trying to get more business.....Place bigger less frequent orders to make the shipping cost per item less. For example

Lets use a weight of 500grams per item as our example, thats what a pack of 160 tea bags weighs. If you purchased 10 items thats 5kg with the rough price to say USA of about 25.00, so thats around 2.50 per item for shipping.

Now say you ordered 50 items all at 500grams thats 25kg which costs around 50.00 to ship to USA. This time the cost per item for shipping is reduced to 1.00

Of course your 50 items could well be less than 25kg as maybe some were 100g or 200g etc but you should see the benefit of ordering larger quantities. Lets say the 50 items weighed 15kg then the shipping per item would drop to around 0.80 per item for shipping!!!

Combining the order with a few friends has a double benefit as the shipping cost per item is reduced because of the larger order, plus you split the cost of shipping between you and your friends, this way you could easily have the cost per item for shipping reduced to around 25p, now thats real value

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